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FlexSol Solutions custom solar electronics

Custom solar electronics

Dedicated solar panel technology

Other than developing the solar modules which power our wide range of products, FlexSol Solutions also designs advanced solar electronics. These solar panel electronics can be integrated in all kinds of different solar-powered products. FlexSol Solutions is a leading authority in the fields of:

Solar power conversion technology
Power conversion
Solar battery management technology
Battery management
Solar LED lighting control
Advanced lighting control
Solar remote management & telecommunication technology
Remote management & telecommunication
Solar sensor technology
Sensor technology
FlexSol solar panel electronics hardware LED driver

Power Conversion

FlexSol Solutions has extensive experience in the field of power conversion. The key to maximising the amount of power generated per solar panel is to implement maximum power point tracking (MPPT) in the power conversion process; a process nobody knows better than FlexSol Solutions. Our cylindrical solar modules are the most efficient solar panels on the market – not just because they generate power with the highly efficient crystalline silicon solar cells, but because their shape allows us to optimise maximum power point tracking (MPPT). The performance of our solar electronics relies on our ability to enhance power conversion in the software. After all, every single part of the electronics connected to the batteries, from DC/DC converters to LED drivers, utilizes power conversion. FlexSol can develop, engineer and produce every kind of power conversion technique required to maximise the efficiency of your system.

Battery Management

To power all of the products in our product range, as well as to perfectly adapt to the specific requirements of our clients’ projects, FlexSol Solutions employs different kinds of battery technologies. For more advanced batteries, such as the Lithium ion (LiFePo4) battery, a battery management system (BMS) is required to monitor and optimise every single cell’s performance. With the variety of battery management systems that we develop in-house we can regulate the performance of all kinds of battery systems; from a single cell up to 100 cells at a time. Furthermore, we develop advanced tools such as battery chargers, dischargers and capacity testers so that we can always compose the perfect battery pack.

Advanced lighting control

Because different lighting products rely on different sensor techniques and algorithms to optimise performance, we develop our own cutting-edge lighting control systems for our solar lighting products. Through the use of intelligent lighting control systems we ensure that our lighting products stay ahead of everything else on the market. Our systems can register both sunset and sunrise in order to minimise light pollution and optimise energy output, as well as adapt to weather conditions and other environmental factors.

FlexSol solar electronics hardware RS-485 transceiver

Remote management & telecommunication

Remote monitoring is an important feature for improving the reliability of solar products. Because a management system can regulate the performance of solar electronics and individual solar cells, it makes the products more user friendly and eliminates most operational costs. FlexSol Solutions has the expertise to operate different communication protocols, such as GSM and RF. We facilitate the management & monitoring process of all products and can predict possible failures in advance with our online back-end solutions. Changing the settings of a product or uploading the newest firmware can be as easy as pressing a button, which can be done anywhere on the planet.

Sensor technology

Through years and years of experience, FlexSol Solutions has gained a broad understanding of many kinds of sensors, i.e. vibration, voltage, current, shock, temperature, gyroscopes, accelerometers, satellite receivers, etcetera. Adding sensors to different products makes them more self-sufficient and intelligent and can increase lifetime, performance and efficiency.

If you are looking for a custom and/or stand-alone PV control system, don’t hesitate to contact us through to discuss the possibilities.

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