VIDEO: More Soluxio installations in the province of South Holland

Street lights are of great importance for safety in the public space. In the Netherlands alone, 3 million light posts are being used to establish this safety. The amount of energy that is required to […]

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New Soluxio solar product catalogue 2018

The latest advancements in solar technology are making the world a more sustainable place in increasingly efficient and innovative ways. That is why we at FlexSol Solutions are working around the clock to keep our cutting-edge 

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FlexSol solar roof tile is presented to the Energy Agreement committee

On December 13th, 2017, FlexSol Solutions presented the latest generation of the FlexSol solar roof tile to the Energy Agreement committee of the Social and Economic Council in the Netherlands. The committee is responsible […]

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Students visit FlexSol Solutions during Tour of the Enterprises

During the “Tour of the Enterprises” on the night of November 29th, a group of 16 enthusiastic students from Delft University of Technology came to visit FlexSol Solutions at our office in Delft. The […]

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Councillor reveals first off-grid solar light posts in Tilburg

In the night of October 3rd, city councillor Mario Jacobs officially revealed two very special street lights in the city of Tilburg, the Netherlands. The two Soluxio solar light posts are the first off-grid, autonomous […]

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