Design solar light at a roundabout

FlexSol’s design solar light

A recent addition to the Soluxio solar lighting portfolio is the “Soluxio Lightstick”. This custom design solar light pole is perfect for lighting up boulevards, roundabouts, parks, gardens, shopping streets, entrances and more.

The first application of this design solar light is on three new roundabouts on the N360 road in Groningen, the Netherlands. Because of the great response to these 3 roundabouts , the “Soluxio Lightsticks” are shortly thereafter also placed on 2 new roundabouts in Friesland, the Netherlands.

Roundabouts are a great way to improve road safety. Also they help improve traffic flow and they are more climate-friendly than traffic signals. The Soluxio Lightstick is a wonderful addition to roundabouts, because they provide decorative lighting and they work on solar power. As a result they do not need a power grid to perform perfectly. Obviously this makes them ideal for roundabouts, where placing electrical cables can be very expensive and a lot of hassle.

Soluxio design solar lighting in the Netherlands

Roundabout at the town Ten Post with the Soluxio design solar lights

Custom design for roundabout lighting

The Soluxio Lightstick in Groningen is designed in collaboration with our client. To explain, every single one of the 3 roundabouts has its own unique theme. The Soluxio helps to convey this. For example, the Soluxio design solar lights at the roundabout in the town of Garmerwolde light up blue, which represents ‘purification’. In the town of Wirdum, the solar-powered design lights show a green colour, representing ‘nature’. And at the town of Ten Post, the Soluxio light columns represent ‘energy’ with amber-colored lighting.

There are 3 Soluxio light poles on each roundabout, and all the light poles are placed at a slight angle to form an artistic triangular shape. Also, the aluminum poles have a special powder coat, which results in a beautiful weathering steel look and feel.

Weathering steel look at Soluxio solar light

The weathering steel look of the Soluxio in Groningen, the Netherlands

Solar design light poles for any project

The Soluxio Lightstick is one of the many showcases of FlexSol’s modern solar technology. The sleek cylindrical solar panels, the intelligent communication technology, and the modular design are just some of the unique features the Soluxio has to offer. Because of this modular design, customization is also easy.

For example, the column can be of steel, aluminum or wood. Also the columns can have different finishes or powder coats. And the light can be any color you would like. So, a lot is possible to signify the look and feel you prefer.

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