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solar technology integrated in flexible solar panel modules

Solar technology

Flexible silicon solar panel modules

Although crystalline silicon PV cells are the most efficient and durable solar cells available on the market, they are characteristically brittle. As such, solar technology has always been limited to big flat panels that are cumbersome to work with and unseemly to look at. FlexSol Solutions has devised a unique (and patented) method of arching these efficient photovoltaic cells into curved solar panels. Through this method, the highly efficient crystalline silicon solar cells can be integrated in – for example – a cylindrical module that always captures sunlight at an optimal angle, therefore maximising power generation. These flexible solar cells open up a tonne of new possibilities for solar panel integration in product designs that used to be unsuitable. Solar powered products are no longer limited to having big, ugly panels stick out from them.

Dedicated solar electronics

A single PV panel does not make a fully functional product. To effectively apply the generated energy to its intended purpose, it has to be converted and stored in an efficient manner. FlexSol develops dedicated electronics for all of its PV solutions, from maximum power point trackers (MPPT) to battery management systems (BMS).

But why stop there? Remote monitoring and control of a PV system are helpful features to have. As well as GPS and GSM integration. Or weather tracking. Or the ability to customise your product yourself. Because finding a solution is more than solving the problem at hand. FlexSol Solutions believes in complete solutions that go the extra mile in optimising performance and usability.

Fully integrated products

Because we develop and manufacture the PV modules, the supporting electronics and the actual physical product in-house ourselves, we are able to design elegant and smart products in which the PV system is integrated seamlessly. We offer complete and stand-alone solutions, without the need for any supporting products or components.

Your product

If you have a project involving a PV system and are interested in our products and technology, do not hesitate to contact us.

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