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FlexSol Solutions offers sustainable and smart solar lighting solutions with the Soluxio. The Soluxio is a high-end solar lighting and solar-powered communication system that works completely off-grid. Because of the incomparable technology and modular design, the Soluxio is ideal for many different purposes.

Building sector BiPV solar PV roof tile FlexSol Solutions

The FlexSol Solar roof tile offers a highly efficient, scalable solution for the building integrated photovoltaics sector. This ceramic, PV solar roof tile powers your house, while complementing the building’s architectural style.

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The NxT solar bollard is an off-grid solar lighting system that complements gardens, driveways or private terrains with cutting-edge designs. With endless solar outdoor lighting possibilities, the NxT solar pathway lighting offers the perfect solution for the residential and hospitality sector.

Market leader in smart solar technology

FlexSol Solutions is a Dutch high-tech company with over 17 years of experience in solar technology. The company was founded on a unique and patented technology for curving highly efficient mono-crystalline silicon solar cells. By integrating this technique with our leading innovations, we are successfully creating the most advanced and sophisticated solar products on the market. The Soluxio is an example of what years of experience and innovation has resulted in; the most advanced solar product of its kind. FlexSol was the first company to implement smart machine learning algorithms, high-end lithium batteries and smart communication systems in her products.

We take our position as a pioneer in the solar industry very seriously, therefore we only work with the best suppliers, manufacturers and people. Our in-house engineering and design departments never stop developing, designing and improving. New features, benefits and smart cities applications are always coming your way. FlexSol also has first-hand access to major and life-changing technological advancements due to her partnerships and location. Our headquarter is located at the Science Park of the Delft University of Technology, in Delft the Netherlands. Our mission is to integrate aesthetically-pleasing solar energy worldwide with our core values:






Solar products

Solar power Soluxio street lighting

The Soluxio solar power street lighting solutions offer the longest autonomy on the market. And is perfect for locations without a power grid or where running electric wire is too costly. Also, every Soluxio is connected to the internet. This unique feature makes remote monitoring and management super easy and cost effective. Implementation of additional features like for instance motion detection sensors, air quality sensors or usb charging ports is possible. Soluxio lights the streets of tomorrow.

FlexSol solar roof close-up

By capturing the energy of the sun, the FlexSol Solar roof tile offers the ideal solution for making your home self-powered. The integrated PV surface of these ceramic roof tiles is curved, creating a look that seemly fits in traditional roofs. Because of this, the solar roof tiles power your house while complementing its architecture. The advanced photovoltaic systems in the traditional tiles turn your house into a smart building with classical aesthetics.

Soluxio Connect solar power WiFi and lighting

The Soluxio Connect offers a solar-powered mobile network and solar-powered WiFi access point that can connect every device everywhere in the world – even in locations without an internet connection. Advanced solar technology powers a hotspot for 4G data transmission or powerful WiFi mesh networking. When attached to an existing (wired) internet connection, the Soluxio Connect serves as a range extender for large area coverage. However, when there is no internet connection available, the Soluxio Connect can transmit WiFi wirelessly with a 4G cellular mobile router. Connect the world.

NxT solar powered outdoor lighting

NxT solar outdoor lighting offers an RGBW rainbow-palette of lighting options for private and public terrains. With this solar-powered lamp in your garden, there is no need to dig in your property and connect to the electrical grid. Simply plug the solar bollard in the soil and wait for the sun to go down. The LED light turns on automatically after sunset, and shuts itself off when the sun rises. You don’t even have to press a single button for NxT to work. However, it is also possible to design a custom lighting plan from your smartphone. Seamless integration with home automation systems offers endless lighting possibilities. The future is NxT.

Passive safety solar power street light

FlexSol offers the world’s first crash-friendly solar street light. With a 100NE3 passive safety classification, this Soluxio solar street light limits the severity of impacts. To explain, when a collision occurs, the entire solar column will immediately shear off its base. Because of this the Soluxio passive safety solar street light instantly improves road safety.

Wildlife-friendly solar lighting

The Soluxio wildlife-friendly solar lighting is perfect for locations where nocturnal animals live. This Soluxio edition uses amber-colored light with longer wavelengths. Because of this light, disturbance to bats, sea-turtles and other wildlife is limited. While at the same time, the light is clearly visible for human beings. The Soluxio wildlife-friendly solar lighting can be extended with different features, such as a motion sensor. Also advanced lighting schemes are an option.

Grid connected Soluxio Grid at N211

The Soluxio Grid offers a cost-efficient solution when modernizing and renewing existing infrastructure. This cutting-edge solar street light feeds solar energy into the power grid during the day, and withdraws what it needs to light the streets at night. The Soluxio Grid is a wonderful sustainable and climate-friendly solution, while also featuring the same design and quality as the rest of the Soluxio product line. Refurbish the streets with the efficiency and aesthetics of the Soluxio Grid.

Illuminated road sign on solar power

Solar power illuminates the road signs on these Soluxio solar columns. Traditional illuminated road signs are costly to install and to maintain. This Soluxio solar signpost works off-grid which makes it an ideal solution for locations without a power grid. Such as in rocky terrain, roundabouts and rural areas. Because every Soluxio has a connection with the internet, the performance can be remotely monitored and managed.

NxT Road safety - solar-powered warning lights. jpg

Even remote mountain roads or streets in protected nature reserves can now be made safely on. The NxT Road offers road safety without having to trench a power grid. LED chevron lights powered by solar energy stored in high capacity lithium batteries offers a consistent, reliable form of lighting. Even when there is a power outage, NxT Road will keep drivers safe. Enhance the roads with sustainable warning lights.

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