Lennert van den Berg at radio show for Omroep Wetering

The Soluxio, the solution?

How can the Soluxio solar pole resolve today’s challenges, such as soaring energy and commodity prices? To get your answer, listen to the radio interview with our CEO, Lennert van den Berg, at Omroep Wetering.

In the radio show Lennert and Herman de Bruin talk about the Soluxio. FlexSol’s solar smart pole which can be used for lighting, but also WiFi, cameras and more. The Soluxio solar pole works entirely on solar energy. Apart from saving on energy costs, this also provides other important benefits.

Save on material and be eco-friendly

A major benefit is that the pole does not need to be connected to the electricity grid, it functions fully off-grid. This means that you do not have to trench cables to, for example, provide lighting at a road or bike path.
In many places around the world the ground is completely filled with cables and wiring for gas, electricity, internet, water, sewage, and telephony. This creates a negative impact on the environment and it also increases the risk on damages when excavating. With the Soluxio solar pole you do not need to run costly wire. Therefore, you do not only save on materials, but also on earthworks and trenching.

Altogether, this makes the Soluxio solar pole not only sustainable and energy-neutral, but also very eco-friendly.

Listen to Omroep Vlaardingen or keep your ear out for the radio show De Late Avond which will be broadcasted on 13 local radio channels. The radio interview is only in Dutch.

Radio interview with Lennert about the eco-friendly Soluxio

Lennert van den Berg, CEO of FlexSol Solutions, talking with Herman de Bruin of Omroep Wetering.