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Solar outdoor lighting - NxT solar powered solar lamp post RGB color LED garden light for resorts, parks, hotels

Solar outdoor lighting

NxT: Wireless solar terrain lights

With the NxT, the sun will continue to light your terrain during the night. Offering the same industrial grade build quality and advanced solar electronics as its predecessor, the solar light post, the NxT is a high-end outdoor lamp post for gardens, courts, driveways or other private/semi-public spaces. This next generation solar outdoor lighting solution offers unique features and a rainbow-palette of different ways to light your terrain exactly how you want it.

Through a wireless and user-friendly interface you can configure your lighting wherever, however and whenever you want it. The NxT is highly efficient, and an enrichment to your interior. Besides that, cabling is not necessary, which means total freedom in designing your personal outdoor lighting plan. Impress your guests and influence the desired sphere with the aesthetically pleasing design of the NxT.

Unique LED lighting

NxT solar outdoor offers endless lighting possibilities. Depending on your model of choice, intensity, color, and special effects, this can be set up easily by remote, or on your smartphone.

Prefer to keep things simple? Then the NxT is ideal for you too. Since each solar lamp automatically adapts to sunset and sunrise, you can literally dig a small hole in the ground, install the NxT in it, and light your terrain without flicking a single switch. But if you want to take it one step further, seamless integration with Z-wave home automation systems or even DMX enable you to control the NxT exactly the way you want it to. Therefore, the NxT can present itself as bollard that is suitable for every occasion.

Exclusive design

The NxT features state of the art solar cell technology. The integrated solar cells are the most efficient ones in the world, and the NxT is the first ever consumer product that captures sunlight with cylindrical solar panels. This means that sunlight will always reach the modules, no matter what the orientation is of the installation.

Manufactured in the same factory as all of our Soluxio lighting products the NxT combines industrial grade materials and technology with an elegant finish and minimalistic design. The product is designed, produced and assembled entirely in the Netherlands.

Fully wireless

Fully wireless, no cabling required

Unique lighting possibilities
Full-color RGBW LED light
Sustainable outdoor lighting solution
100% Renewable energy
Advanced wireless control
Advanced wireless control
Compatible with Z-Wave home automation systems
Compatible with Z-Wave home automation systems

The NxT is currently still in development. For more information, please visit www.nxt.lighting or subscribe to our newsletter here!

solar outdoor lighting - NxT solar garden lamp terrain light

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