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Soluxio: solar lighting & connectivity

The fully autonomous smart solar light pole

Even in the small, densely-populated home country of FlexSol Solutions – the Netherlands – public lighting takes up a significant portion of total energy usage. Solar street lighting is a quintessential building block of a sustainable, carbon neutral future. Especially when taking into consideration that this future consists of smart cities, a smart and energy neutral solar light pole offers the perfect solution to this area of opportunity.

What if there is no power grid to support street lighting?

Soluxio is the perfect solution for areas where no grid or other lighting infrastructure is available, or where replacement is due. The Soluxio solar lighting product line offers high-tech, stand-alone solar powered lighting/communication columns that charge themselves through their cylindrical solar panels. With an efficiency of more than 23%, the incorporated solar cells are the most efficient ones available on the market. Even in case of cloudy weather, low yield or indirect sunlight, the light post generates the desired amount of energy. Advantages of the Soluxio solar powered light post are:

Soluxio no grid connection needed off-grid solar street light
Off-grid, no cabling or grid connection needed
Soluxio patented cylindrical solar panels
Patented cylindrical solar panels, no dust or moisture ingression
Soluxio modular design
Modular design, configurable to your demands
Soluxio smart lighting control
Smart lighting control, automated LED dimming
Soluxio remote management
Wireless remote management and control
Soluxio universal battery system
Universal battery system,  lithium compatible
Soluxio luminaire independent
Luminaire independent design
Soluxio low maintenance
Low maintenance, high reliability
Soluxio sustainability
Zero emission during operation, 100% renewable energy

Designed to meet your specific needs

The Soluxio photovoltaic light pole is a state-of-the-art total solution. It can serve as a street light, traffic light, advertisement board, temporary light post for all kinds of events, a work of art and much more. Because different projects will always have different needs, the Soluxio product line is largely customisable. For example, the cylindrical solar modules are available in different lengths and are stackable. Size doesn’t matter: two or more modules can be installed on top of each other, and the lithium battery and electronics are scalable in storage capabilities. Due to this modular design, Soluxio offers more than light.

Smart city-ready – IoT

Soluxio is part of the Internet of Things. Advanced wireless remote communication is integrated as a standard feature of the solar light pole. Optional features like a surveillance camera, weather station or pedestrian sensor truly make the Soluxio solar street light smart. The pole can also serve as a solar powered antenna or radio tower for remote areas or mobile applications. All applications can easily be installed through the hatch on ground level. This makes Soluxio the perfect platform for smart city applications.

For more information, please visit: Soluxio solar lighting

Solar light pole solar panel powered street light post

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