Floods Europe summer 2021

Soluxio flood proof streetlights continued working during floods

The Netherlands didn’t only avoid fatalities, we also made sure our streetlights continued working. Just weeks before the floods took Europe by surprise, FlexSol installed solar-powered street lights next to the river the Meuse (Maas). Without knowing what would happen, FlexSol already designed these Soluxio solar poles to be flood proof.

To explain, all the electronics and the battery inside the columns are placed 3 meters above ground level. Because of this design, water from flooding rivers will not be able to reach and damage the hardware. Also, the Soluxio works completely on solar power, because of this the streetlights are not connected to the power grid. As a result, the Soluxio solar-powered street lights continued working when the water level of the river the Meuse (Maas) increased tremendously this summer.

Soluxio flood proof solar streetlights

One of the flood proof streetlights at the river the Meuse (Maas) in the southern part of the Netherlands

Respecting nature

The solar-powered Soluxio streetlights are just one example of how the Netherlands tries to cooperate with nature. Another example is the floodplain next to the river. When the river floods this empty area of land absorbs the water. As a result, the urban areas near the river are saved from floods, because the floodplains take the first ‘hit’.

Soluxio flood proof solar streetlights

Soluxio: modular and customizable

In this situation the Soluxio was fully customized to fit the location and the circumstances. Customization with the Soluxio is easy, because the Soluxio has a modular design. To explain, the Soluxio is created out of independent parts, like the pole, modules, battery, luminaire and so on. All these parts can be put together in such a way that the Soluxio works absolutely perfect for your location and for your application.