Solar warning light poles in Utrecht, the Netherlands

Solar-powered LED lights switch from blue to a flashing orange to warn drivers

FlexSol was asked to design solar warning lights for the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Also, FlexSol provided the solar modules to power the LED lights. These solar warning lights are part of an innovative pedestrian crossing. To explain, speeds sensors (radar) on the light poles detect the speeds of approaching vehicles. When the sensors detect speeds of 20km/h or more the color of the LED rings will switch from blue to a flashing orange.
Also, the solar-powered light poles communicate with the crossing, which will subsequently light up. Both the flashing lights and the illuminated crossing will warn approaching cars. As a result, pedestrians can now safely cross the streets in this Dutch neighborhood.

Solar smart poles in city of Utrecht

Besides the speed sensors, other sensors are also attached to the light poles. Because of this, the solar-powered light poles are also smart poles which are perfect for smart cities.

Check out the video below

This innovative crossing is the result of a collaboration between different companies and the city of Utrecht. Every company helped to realize a part of this pedestrian crossing. FlexSol custom made the LED technology and of course FlexSol provided the solar technology which powers the warning lights.
Furthermore, the design of these LED warning lights originate from the Soluxio Lightstick. Check out the Soluxio Lightsick and the integrated LED light fixture here.

IRIS Smart Cities Project

The city of Utrecht is, together with Gotenburg in Sweden and Nice in France, a Lighthouse City in the international H2020 IRIS Smart Cities Project. In this project seven cities team up to create friendlier and cleaner urban areas. In order to improve cities this way, three lighthouse cities will take the lead in integrating sustainable solutions. Subsequently four Follower Cities will replicate these smart solutions, after validation in the lighthouse cities has taken place. Hereby accelerating the implementation of smart and clean solutions in Europe.

Watch the video to learn more about this pilot project