Soluxio Catalogue by FlexSol

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FlexSol’s in-house engineering and design departments are constantly upgrading the Soluxio. Because of this, the Soluxio has evolved from a solar light pole to a multi-purpose solar system.

For example, the Soluxio also offers solar connectivity solutions by the Soluxio Connect. With the Soluxio Connect you can create a solar-powered WiFi hotspot, like in Bavaria, Germany. In the Caribbean, the Soluxio provides both WiFi and wildlife-friendly solar lighting. In this case, two applications are combined in just one Soluxio solar pole.
Also, you can use the Soluxio to connect and power your own device, like for example surveillance cameras.

Soluxio Connect by FlexSol at Bavaria, Germany

The Soluxio Connect providing solar-powered WiFi in Bavaria, Germany

The Soluxio Lightstick has an integrated LED ring which can light up in any color. Therefore you can use the Soluxio Lightstick to create the exact ambience your are looking for. And as with every other Soluxio, the Soluxio Lightstick is available in different lengths, column colors and finishes. Learn more about different design options here.

Soluxio design solar lights by FlexSol

This artistic look is created by three Soluxio Lightsticks which are placed in a slight angle at roundabouts in the northern part of the Netherlands

Read more about the Soluxio solar system and what it can offer for you in our Soluxio Catalogue 2021-2022.

Other possibilities with the Soluxio:

  • Wildlife-friendly solar light to minimize lighting impact for animals
  • Run your speed sign on solar power with the Soluxio
  • Create an intelligent solar column by adding multiple sensors to the Soluxio

Of course, the possibilities don’t end here. For example, the Soluxio is the world’s first solar streetlight which is available with a crash-friendly column.

Or use the Soluxio as a solar-powered signpost, like illustrated below. The signs light up after sunset, so even at night clear directional information is available for road users.

Soluxio solar-powered road sign at sunset

In the city center of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, this Soluxio provides directional information with illuminated signs