The Soluxio solar light pole is installed and up-and-running within 45 minutes

Solar speed radar signs, live feedback to drivers 24-7  

The possibilities with the Soluxio solar poles are endless. They can power anything, anytime, anywhere. For example solar radar speed signs.

Throughout the world radar speed signs increase speed awareness to drivers. Because the radar speed signs display the current speed to approaching drivers an immediate reaction is ignited. As a result, the radar speed sings have a traffic calming effect. Undeniably this reduces the chances on traffic accidents.

Soluxio’s solar advantages

The Soluxio solar technology will provide you energy wherever you need it. Because the Soluxio runs on solar power, it does not have to be connected to a power grid. As a result, invasive trenching and expensive roadworks are things of the past.

Furthermore FlexSol’s solar technology is designed in such a way that it is compatible with equipment from other suppliers. For this reason, it is possible to connect the Soluxio solar radar speed sign to any speed sign of your choice.

Also with the Soluxio you are not limited to a single rectangular solar panel. To explain, Soluxio will let you stack up as many cylindrical solar modules as you need. With this possibility you will have enough power to also add other features to the solar radar speed sign. For instance, a weather station or traffic data collecting peripherals.

Learn more about the Soluxio solar radar speed sign here. Also, feel free to check out more about the Soluxio here.

Speed limit solar radar sign