Soluxio solar-powered road signage

Sustainable solar solution for road safety

Together with INNOV8, FlexSol created the solar illuminated road sign. This unique Soluxio solar column illuminates the road signs attached to the column. This way, drivers will see the signs much faster and will therefore have more time to prepare for roundabouts, exits or turns. In contrast to traditional road signs, the illuminated signs are better visible which makes traffic much safer.

Check out the Soluxio solar illuminated signpost at numerous locations, for example at Rotterdam, Breda and Rosmalen in the Netherlands.

Solar-powered road sign at Rotterdam Central Station

The solar illuminated signpost in front of the Rotterdam Central Station

Perfect solution for places without a grid connection

Because the Soluxio solar illuminated road sign runs entirely on solar energy, it doesn’t need to be connected to the power grid. This makes the solar signpost ideal for locations where roadworks are very undesirable. For example at roundabouts. It causes a lot of nuisance and can be very costly to run wires to roundabouts. However with the Soluxio solar illuminated signpost this is part of the past. The quick installation makes it an easy product to place anywhere.

Due to FlexSol’s smart solar technology, asset management has become easy and accessible. Because all Soluxio solar columns are connected to the internet remote monitoring is possible.

Also check out the website completely dedicated to the Soluxio. Here you can also find other Soluxio projects.