Soluxio Catalogue 2019-2020 out now

Easy to install. Anywhere. By anyone.

The Soluxio solar light pole is designed for ease-of-use and easy installation. Since it is not necessary to place cables or do difficult trenching, installation is a matter of plug-and-play. It can be done in less than 45 minutes, by anyone. This makes it possible to place the Soluxio solar light pole anywhere, from remote off-grid areas, to rocky grounds, islands, city centers or coastal areas. The remote monitoring platform, smart machine-learning algorithms, lithium batteries and other high-quality components have led to an easy to use and maintenance-friendly product which is future proof, durable and sustainable. All at an affordable price. This all results in a quick return on investment, low cost and zero CO2-emission.

Take a look at the video for an example of such an installation. These solar light poles are installed in Harmelen. Installation was done together with our partners from Bunnik Groep. This solar pole is installed in the middle of a park, with outstanding performance despite the many surrounding trees. The Soluxio solar lightpole is equipped with a special luminaire, fulfilling all wishes of the client. Are you looking for a unique design, which is easy to install and maintain? Don’t hesitate and contact us here! Order the Soluxio here, or have a look at the latest Soluxio Catalogue.