At FlexSol Solutions, the focus lies on creating products that are both very practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. However, there are more features that FlexSol products have in common: they all are solar powered solutions that are smart, reliable, sustainable, and presented with cutting-edge designs. The unique curved solar panel modules make it clear why these products are green and have an astonishing look, but the smartness of our products lies inside the product. In this article we will highlight one of the features that makes our products smart and reliable: machine learning algorithms.

Why FlexSol uses machine learning in its solar products

Recently, ‘machine learning’ has been all over the news. But what is machine learning? The term ‘machine learning’ is almost self-explanatory, and concerns a machine that learns to perform a certain task. This can be for example the ability of a computer to recognize objects or people, to find correlations between events, to determine popular news topics, or to predict the stock markets. More and more products are equipped with smart algorithms that enable machine learning. Many large companies are paying attention to these kinds of technologies in order to find new opportunities. A good example is Tesla, with autonomous driving software and software in cameras, which are able to detect suspicious behavior and can alarm the police before anyone else did.

Machine learning can be applied on a wide variety of purposes, due to the ability of this technology to improve products and autonomy. The use of machine learning in solar technology is however not common, but has proven to be very valuable for FlexSol. FlexSol makes use of machine learning tools to optimize its solar products. One of the applications of these tools is to predict how much solar energy can be captured at a specific location, in order for the solar product to function optimally. In this way, the product can be configured and optimized according to the needs of each client. Predicting the amount of generated solar energy is not easy, since solar irradiation varies a lot all over the globe and is subjected to local climates. FlexSol analyses these effects and optimises their products accordingly, by making use of dedicated machine learning algorithms. With an algorithm that is especially designed for FlexSol products, this approach has yielded outstanding performance forecasts.

Soluxio solar powered light poles with machine learning

How are the machine learning algorithms integrated in FlexSol Solutions’ products?

FlexSol solar products are (wirelessly) connected to the internet and continuously monitor the performance, e.g.: temperature, battery status, and energy production. FlexSol’s machine learning algorithms can recognize the relationship between these performance parameters and the weather and irradiation predictions. By doing so, the performance of each single light pole can be perfected. Combining weather data with performance data allows FlexSol also to ‘teach’ an algorithm to predict the performance in other location in the world, even at locations where no installations are done yet. These predictions allow FlexSol to optimize the configurations of its products, such as battery capacity, amount of solar modules and power available for a certain period of the year. With Soluxio street lights installations all over the world, FlexSol is able to perform such an analysis for any location in the world. Since our machine learning algorithms continuously get smarter, the performance of all streetlights will also improve. By doing so, the energy usage, generated through solar power, is being used in the most efficient manner. In this way, we can both increase reliability and reduce costs for our clients. Furthermore, since we are able to remotely update the settings of our products, we can improve the performance even more in the future. This allows us to include even more data. You might think of traffic dependent lighting where we can adjust the armature power based on the amount of traffic in a certain region. Or if light during midnight is undesired, the light scheme can be adjusted to fit this requirement. All features optimized by machine learning.

Smart products for a smart future

The machine learning algorithms allow FlexSol Solutions’ products to maximize its overall performance as it continually improves itself. By using these machine learning algorithms FlexSol Solutions is able to get the highest performance out of the high-end lithium batteries. To add, FlexSol was the first in the market that used these high-end lithium batteries in its products. Due to these unique algorithms, FlexSol Solutions can position themselves as a leader in the field of combining the advantages of machine learning algorithms with solar powered products. Smart lighting through the help of technology is the future, as it brings many opportunities in the prospect. By using machine learning algorithms and weather analyses, FlexSol is able to offer its clients a solution that fits their needs. Are you looking for the smartest solar products in the market? FlexSol Solutions is the answer!

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