The Soluxio product range has proven to be suitable for many situations. You may think of various heavy conditions such as different types of climates, countries, and applications. The fact that the Soluxio product range has shown to be suitable for a variety of purposes revolves around FlexSol Solutions’ main objective: to offer practical and aesthetical pleasing solar generated light to everyone. With this in mind, FlexSol delivers safe and reliable outdoor lighting.

One of the companies that sees huge potential for solar powered poles is D.O.G Holdings Ltd. D.O.G Holdings Ltd is a perimeter security company operative in the field of observation, security, and control systems. D.O.G Holdings Ltd’s expertise lies in projects in the field of CCTV systems, software, and low-voltage technologies. The company has executed various projects for clients all over the globe, in countries such as China, Israel, U.A.E., Thailand, Poland, South Africa, and Nigeria. Recently, D.O.G Holdings Ltd installed a Soluxio light pole on a perimeter in Israel. In this article, Mr. Farag (system engineer at D.O.G Holdings Ltd) will explain their reasons for choosing for the Soluxio solar light pole. Furthermore, Mr. Farag will elaborate on why he chose the Soluxio solar street pole instead of regular light posts.

Soluxio brings safety and reliability

Safety and reliability are key factors in offering a secure environment, especially for organizations that are operative in the security and fencing sector. The Soluxio street light is a valuable asset in offering this safety. Mr. Farag, D.O.G Holdings Ltd: “Many of our clients deploy fencing solutions. With the Soluxio solar street lighting, we are able to combine the power of the Soluxio solar light lamp with our security cameras. It allows us to create a clear visual of what is happening in the secured area. The use of the Soluxio solar light post will enable our clients to have a clear view on their surroundings once the sun has set.”

The fact that Soluxio is powered fully off-grid is one of the main reasons for choosing Soluxio. “Off-grid means no need for an infrastructure, no heavy maintenance, and the installation of the solar light pole is fast and easy. To add, there are many more reasons why our clients prefer the Soluxio street lamp over regular light poles. The patented cylindrical solar panels repel dust and dirt. This is very convenient for our clients that are operative in countries where sandstorms and/or dust storms are common. Aside from that, the product has a long lifespan, due to the use of high-quality components such as lithium batteries inside the pole. Hence, why we and our clients prefer the Soluxio street light pole over the regular ones.’’

Soluxio perimeter lighting for optimal security and reliability

Soluxio solar light pole, used for perimeter security.

More than just a light

The clients of D.O.G Holdings Ltd are operative in the perimeter and security sector. Mr. Farag: ‘’Our current clients are pleased to see the Soluxio light pole. We have received a lot of positive feedback so far. At our company, we have noticed that the demand for the Soluxio street lighting is increasing every day.”

Besides its unique position to establish a safe environment, the Soluxio is also easy to install. Mr. Farag experienced the installation of the Soluxio solar light pole as uncomplicated. ‘’It only took five minutes to install the light post and connect it; it was effortless.” Besides the easy installment of the light post, D.O.G Holdings Ltd states that it highly values another unique selling points of the Soluxio: the ability to have full control over the solar posts. Via the management platform managing, monitoring, and maintaining the solar poles is truly convenient. Mr. Farag: ‘’We have received positive feedback concerning the online platform. It allows our clients to receive rich insight about the light poles. This insight includes knowledge about the light pole such as historical data and maintenance information. The online platform gives our customers the opportunity to have full control over the poles from a remote center and it does not require any hassle. These are some of the reasons why we and our clients prefer the use of the Soluxio solar light poles.”

Soluxio: solar-powered technology

Besides lighting, Soluxio solar poles offer many more benefits. For example, Soluxio’s can be used for smart city applications, they help diminishing infrastructure costs, can be used to measure air-quality, and so forth. Whenever and wherever light is needed, the Soluxio product range can offer it. Soluxio is the leading solar light pole that is reliable and ensures safety!

Besides the Soluxio solar light post, FlexSol offers more products that will help in creating a safe and sustainable future. Ensuring security and reliability are key aspects that FlexSol Solutions focusses on in all these solar-powered products. To illustrate, the NxT Road is a great example of a road safety lighting system that is designed to last. Due to its high quality retro-reflection and dynamic LED lighting the NxT can serve as the perfect warning light that makes driving at night safer. Similarly to the Soluxio, the NxT is off-grid, 100% solar powered, secure, and trustworthy!

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