Hurrican resistant solar connectivity

What could be worse than to be left in the dark and cut off from friends and family? Every year, natural disasters leave many stripped from essential utilities, like lighting and connectivity. The Soluxio solar pole brings you light in your darkest hour and keeps you connected to the outside world, powered by outstanding solar technology. With the solar poles being able to withstand hurricane force winds, it is the hurricane-resistant solar connectivity and hurricane-proof solar lighting solution you’re looking for.

Outstanding solar technology - built to withstand the toughest conditions, hurricane proof solar lighting

Soluxio works perfectly in harsh winters. When snow accumulates, it will drop automatically from the smooth vertical surface by the weight of the snow.

Stay powered and connected during storms and hurricanes

The solar street lighting solutions, along with our WiFi solar capabilities, can provide an infrastructure that allows you to manage the before, during and after of a natural disaster. This allows communities to stay powered and connected during (snow or hail) storms, earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural hazards. Since it is completely off-grid, it will not be affected by grid-outages caused by power failures, terrorist attacks or network problems. With uninterrupted communication and solar WiFi connectivity communities can remain online for quicker rebuilding efforts.

The Soluxio solar light pole and the Soluxio Connect are 100% solar-powered by outstanding solar technology, completely wireless and incredibly easy to install and maintain. Providing you lighting, safety and non-stop connectivity with loved ones and rescue teams.

Outstanding solar technology - built to withstand the toughest conditions, hurricane proof solar street streetlighting

Image courtesy of NBC News.

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