The Soluxio solar light pole is installed and up-and-running within 45 minutes

World first solar passive safety streetlight with 100NE3 rating.

FlexSol’s newest product in line of road safety has been put to action. FlexSol’s team has put their hands together to form the first solar crash friendly lighting column on the market.

Provided not only with the exceptional solar technology expected from FlexSol, but also a first class engineered crash mechanism. This mechanism ensures minimal damage for your car, the column and most importantly, the chances of passengers getting injured.

Non-energy absorbing column

Traffic is getting busier than ever, which leads to even more (fatal) accidents. One very common obstacle that leads to thousands of accidents are columns in traffic.  Traditional columns next to highways are made from higher yield strength steel. This means that when a crash occurs, the crashing vehicle will absorb all the kinetic impact energy. When crashing this can cause extreme high impact, deformation of the car and endangers the life of the vehicle occupants.

Soluxio socket crash friendly lighting pole

360 degrees slidable socket of the passive safety pole with 100NE3 rating.

Therefore FlexSol has implemented its technology with a solar crash friendly lighting column. These columns are non-energy absorbing, so no impact energy will be absorbed by the vehicle.

These aluminium solar light poles are 360 degrees impact resistant and rated with a 100NE3 safety classification (No-energy absorbing, even when driving 100 km/h) .  When impacted from any direction whatsoever, the mechanism ensures that the whole column will immediately shear of his socket and will fly over the crashing car. This grants the drivers and their passengers’ safety and reduces the risk of injuries.

Crash friendly light poles FlexSol

Simulation of car crashing in a Soluxio solar passive safety column.

The Soluxio Passive Safety lighting column is therefore absolutely suitable for highways, highway exits and provincial roads.

Crash friendly solar light poles on the N211

Want to see the first Solar Crash Friendly in action?  FlexSol applied its innovations on the N211 provincial road, near The Hague (the Netherlands). This implementation has helped the province reaching its goal to make the N211 completely carbon neutral. And next to that, also crash friendly!

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