Soluxio Catalogue 2019-2020 out now

New Soluxio solar product catalogue. More excellence. More quality. Lower prices.

FlexSol is working round the clock to brighten your future. Our eye for innovations and our aim for excellence have led to a new solar product line. In our brand new solar Product Catalogue, we proudly present a new range of Soluxio solar pole products. Besides the world famous Soluxio solar street lights, the Soluxio product range has more advanced features to offer than only lighting. Get the Soluxio NxT solar bollard for your garden, entrance or resort and enjoy the unlimited freedom and sleek design. Are you looking for solar-powered connectivity? Take a look at the Soluxio Connect. All Soluxio products offer you the highest quality and most advanced solar technology on the market. It is the result of years of innovation and experience.

Cost efficient

Initial costs, Return on Investment (ROI), Total Cost of Ownership (TCO); we know your money matters. Therefore we’re always striving to make our products not only more exceptional, but also more affordable. Recent refinements have made our solar technology more efficient and more powerful. Combined with the remote monitoring possibilities, the Soluxio technology is easy to use and maintenance-friendly. Because of this we can now offer the Soluxio solar street light pole starting at only € 2.950. This makes the Soluxio street lighting pole not only greener and easier, but also cheaper than conventional street lighting.

Enjoy the benefits

The Soluxio offers tons of benefits. The plug-and-play design makes it possible to fully install the Soluxio solar streetlight within 45 minutes. As the energy-neutral street lighting pole is not connected to the grid, invasive trenching and expensive cabling is not necessary. Nor is removing and replacing existing pavement. This reduces installation costs to an absolute minimum, plus it provides a quick return on investment (ROI).

The curved solar modules are vertically integrated which makes the Soluxio completely wind resistant. The sleek cylindrical design makes it impossible for dust and dirt to stick on it. Making the solar light pole very easy to maintain. To further enhance low maintenance and a low total cost of ownership (TCO), only high-quality components and durable lithium batteries are integrated in the solar street lighting pole.

By using smart-machine learning algorithms, over-the-air updates and an online monitoring platform the Soluxio is extremely reliable and easy to manage. To guarantee the solar powered light pole is always ready for the future, it has been designed to easily connect any smart city application.

Together we can make a change

FlexSol believes in collaboration and teamwork. Making the world a greener and a more sustainable place is not done single-handedly. It is done together. That’s why FlexSol is partnered with world-leading companies, such as Valmont, Nedal, Schott and Innolumis. By combining forces we are able to bring solar lighting to a whole new level.

Best solution for your project

We want to make sure we can offer you the very best solution for your projects. By creating this new product line, we hope to better meet your needs. And offer outstanding solar powered solutions for affordable prices.

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