Soluxio solar-powered drone platform

FlexSol Solutions is known for its high-end solar technology. Well-known applications of this technology are in the high-end Soluxio solar street lights, the exclusive Soluxio NxT solar bollards and the revolutionary Solar Roof Tiles. You probably have also heard about the Soluxio Connect, or the new Soluxio PoE+ technology. However, more is possible. At FlexSol, the Soluxio technology is seen as off-grid technology that can be used to provide energy anywhere,  for a wide range of appliances. With this vision, FlexSol is working on several innovative projects, such as a solar pole for drone charging.

Over the past couple of years, the application of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV, or drones) has been increasing. Drones are applied in a variety of fields, e.g. for surveillance, deliveries, inspections or agriculture monitoring. The planned utilization of unmanned aerial vehicles in these markets can lead to huge savings, as PWC has calculated in this report. However, there are some barriers to be broken, such as the limited radius of action of drones.

Off-grid drone charging

Since drones have only a limited range and many of these applications are at remote locations, off-grid power solutions are necessary. This is where the Soluxio off-grid solar technology comes into play. FlexSol is working on a drone charging solar pole, that makes use of the sustainable Soluxio solar technology. This solar column can be placed anywhere, as no cables are necessary. It can therefore be used to power drones in off-grid remote areas. The smart Soluxio technology thus makes autonomous charging possible, leaving no need for human labour. Hence, the enormous saving potential.

With multiple solar masts installed, an autonomous charging network can be created. Solar charging poles can for example be used to charge

FlexSol sees big potential in this market, but we know this cannot be done alone. We have the knowledge to make outstanding solar technology, but are new to the drone business. Are you working in the UAV sector, and do you want to partner up? Or do you see other applications for the Soluxio solar technology? Get in touch here!

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