We are proud to announce that our NxT solar outdoor light has won the Z-Wave Labs competition, issued by the Z-Wave Alliance. This means that the NxT will soon feature a Z-Wave smart hub among its many other smart features.

Z-Wave is the leading home automation technology. With over 2100 certified interoperable products worldwide, Z-wave is becoming the standard smart home technology for safety and security systems, energy management and smart lighting control. However, until now there has been no outdoor lighting product featuring Z-Wave technology.

Z-Wave Labs contest winner

The NxT, a fully wireless solar bollard for use in outdoor spaces, has been elected by the Z-Wave Labs jury as the most innovative product. “There are a lot of untapped potential synergies between sustainable energy solutions and the smart home, and the NxT solar lighting solution meets a unique need,” said Mitchell Klein, Executive Director of the Z-Wave Alliance. “We are excited to welcome FlexSol Solutions and their innovation around renewable energy and IoT to the Z-Wave ecosystem.”

In order to incentivize innovation in the world of IoT products, the Z-Wave Alliance has promised the winner of this year-long competition one of the new 500 Series of Z-Wave Embedded Development Kits as well as close personal cooperation in the development of the product. Both the hardware and software tools required to develop the patented Z-Wave IoT solutions were made available to the winner of this competition.

Outdoor lighting with home-automation

The NxT solar outdoor light will bring Z-Wave technology to the outdoors. Z-Wave technology can typically be found in smart home devices such as door locks, lights, sensors and thermostats. With the addition of Z-Wave to our state-of-the-art NxT solar lamp, you will soon be able to light up your garden, driveway or other outdoor space with a new level of interconnectivity and security.

The NxT is the first consumer product ever featuring our unique and patented curved solar cell technology, and now it will also be the first product developed by FlexSol Solutions featuring Z-Wave technology. However, it may soon have to share this title with our highly-anticipated solar roof tile. Stay tuned!