During the “Tour of the Enterprises” on the night of November 29th, a group of 16 enthusiastic students from Delft University of Technology came to visit FlexSol Solutions at our office in Delft. The goal of the Tour of the Enterprises is to connect students and companies in order to inspire them with innovations happening right here in Delft.

During the visit, our product and business developer Koen Haest showcased the Soluxio solar product range, and explained how we utilise solar technology and electronics  at FlexSol Solutions. Many students were pursuing programs such as sustainable energy technology and displayed a thorough understanding of solar technology. They came prepared with some good questions for us, for example about the differences between glass and polycarbonate frontsheets for solar cell efficiency. The group was diverse with students from all over the world: from Mexico to Indonesia.

Question time

After the tour, the students had some more time to ask questions. While enjoying the delicious snacks made by our chef Omer, a lively discussion started. We were happy to see this many people express interest in pursuing careers in the field of sustainable technology, or perhaps performing a university project in collaboration with FlexSol. Let’s see what the future will bring!