The N211 is an important provincial road in the province of South Holland, The Netherlands. The road requires a major overhaul. The province decided to use this opportunity to transform the road into a showcase of sustainable innovations. The goal is to make the N211 the most energy neutral road in the entire country. We are proud to announce that our Soluxio solar street lighting will light the N211, with around 100 solar light poles to be installed in 2018.

The street lighting of this provincial road will be dimmed dynamically

A unique feature of this project is that the lighting will be dimmed dynamically. This means that the light automatically adapts to the amount of traffic, based on real-time data. This maximises energy savings and minimises light pollution, whilst ensuring road safety. Besides providing smart lighting, the Soluxio solar lighting columns will be used to power other systems as well, like traffic lights. Because the streetlights will be connected to the grid, they can feed excess electricity back into the grid.

The N211 will feature 20 other sustainable innovations besides Soluxio solar street lighting. The Province of South Holland hopes to inspire other provinces, municipalities and national government to apply these innovations in other infrastructure projects as well. The N211 is truly an example for future road construction and smart cities.

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For more information about the N211 road, visit the (Dutch) website of the Province of South Holland.