The latest advancements in solar technology are making the world a more sustainable place in increasingly efficient and innovative ways. That is why we at FlexSol Solutions are working around the clock to keep our cutting-edge Soluxio solar product line at the forefront of this innovation wave. With new innovations standing ready to reshape our standards of energy generation, such as solar windows or our own solar-powered roof shingle, the idea of a sustainable future is gradually becoming a reality.

Until recently, smart cities were nothing more than a futuristic idea. But with smart sensors able to sense and direct traffic, measure pollution, noise levels or weather conditions, we can no longer refer to smart cities as a thing of the future. Over the past year, our solar street lighting and connectivity product range – Soluxio – has seen an extensive increase in features and technological efficacy. To illustrate, by using high-end lithium batteries and smart machine learning algorithms FlexSol Solutions is able to offer outstanding solar products!

We are proud to present our new Soluxio solar product catalogue, which includes all product information about the Soluxio, Soluxio Connect, and the Soluxio NxT.

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